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Il Mirto is an indipendent restaurant and not part of a restaurant chain. An indipendent restaurant does not count the ingredients on top of pizzas and portions are generous…………

Il Mirto is a traditional Italian restaurant specializing in Sardinian and Italian food and traditionally cooked (thin and crispy) Italian pizza.

It’s situated just around the corner to East Dulwich rail station, off the busy road for a relaxed dining atmosphere.

In addition to table service we offer delivery and take away services. The delivery service times are: Tuesday to Friday 5.30 pm till 10.30 pm  Saturday and Sunday from 1pm till 10.30/10 pm

Please note that on Friday and Saturday we have two seatings:

First seat:  from 5.30pm  till 7 pm
Second seat: 9 pm

Opening Time:


TUESDY TO FRIDAY  5:00pm-10:30pm

SATURDAY 12:30pm-10:30pm

SUNDAY 12:30pm-10:00pm




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